The year is 2394 and a new Akira class Starship has taken shape above the small blue green world named, Earth. Currently  the new vessel is taske to patrol duties near the Brazan wormhole. The nimbel heavy hitter ship is attached to Starbase 47. The new Akria class starship is the second starship  to bare the last name of the historical Starfleet captain, Jonathan Archer. She is currently accepting those officers who can offer the best, work well together and to continue the mission in which Captain Archer started centuries before. 

USS Archer is a Akira Class Starship. The Archer is assigned to, Starbase 47. SB47 is located at the Barzan Wormhole. This Wormhole connects the Federation of the Beta Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant, the exit aperture of which was discovered by the USS Voyager in 2373. The USS Archer is crewed by brave and honorable men and women of Starfleet.

Nearly a year has passed when the first USS Archer disappeared near Earth Two, the home world of the Onlies. Many, with in Starfleet Admirality did not fell that there should be another USS Archer, after the lost of the Daystrom class Archer captained by Commander Neshra. But one man did. Commadore Shawn C. Harper to re-enstated an New ship that bore the name Archer.  Commadore Harper selected Commander Sheev th'Zoarhi for the assignment.  Now the new captain of the Akira class USS Archer awaits for an new crew to continue in the Footsteps of Captain Archer.