Posted on Wed Nov 9th, 2016 @ 11:26am by Captain Neshra

Let me make this clear right now. You guys are awesome. For sticking around. I know it sucked at times, but, with the stuff I have been doing, OF command training, the VA, schooling, and ninjas, aliens (yes add the ancient alien guy here in all his meme glory),cats and oh shiny. Okay the last few weren't real...or are they?

Anyways, on with some updates. I passed the OF command course and Neshra was promoted to Commander. Ohhh and ahhh! I did my thanks to the brass. So with that said and done. It's the same old boss, just better pay and a slightly bigger headache from the Brass. Also, we're getting a new crew member here soon as well. Changed the theme song of the site. Taking in ideas for side quests for the main Sim. Also, the chief science officer had to leave. So the XO, your back on that job slot again. Yes same pay, just more work. Also, ending the dry dock RP soon. so tie up all those Jps we're off to the high seas.




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