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Captain Neshra

Name Neshra

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian/Vulcan
Age Jan. 26, 2356

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7”
Weight 143lbs
Hair Color Black fading into White
Eye Color Grey Green
Physical Description An mix heritage of two founding species rolled into one body. Her skin is soft blue, is of average height, and slight of build. Blue green blood, grey green eyes, black that fades into white hair (various when Neshra decides to change her look), and antennae on the crown of the skull. Touch telepathic.


Father Set
Mother Settao Zh'zhytrot
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nersha is just a normal individual, who's background is like any other Andorians, with the exception of her dual heritage. Neshra has traveled an well worn road of ups and downs of her career in Starfleet. She seeks advice with her problems and when she can‘t get to sleep, she finds an means to coop and aid her to fall asleep. Neshra, started from basic riflemen of the Marine recruit to become an officer in the Operational field, which lead her to the Executive officer. Starfleet say her achievements as both an Non Comm and Officer, has lead her to the captain's chair of the USS Archer. Receiving her orders, Neshra was soon off to Starfleet to begin her Command course training. Overall, Neshra, is a friendly nature woman who has her fare share of ups and downs.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Good humor (loves to tell old jokes) Calm & cool while under pressure, mature, suggests other avenues to get the problem fixed in a timely manner. Avoids Alcohol and Drugs (non Medical).

Weakness: PTSD. Stubborn at time. Insomnia. Fearful of snakes. Due to her mix heritage Neshra can be temperamental or an out right monster of emotions during Pon’Farr, when her chemical imbalance over comes her mind’s checks and balances.
Ambitions Just to be herself and to lend an hand to anyone who needs it. Providing useful data and information with in the fields of engineering Science.
Hobbies & Interests Interests: Engines (various). Cards. Cracking jokes. Exploring the unknown.
Hobbies: Driving and maintaining her Motorbike

Personal History Neshra was born to loving parents who had spent most of their adult lives on starships surveying various planets. Her father, an Andorian and her mother, an Vulcan. Two scientist well known by some in their fields. Her parents enjoyed their work, going from planet to planet and ship to ship studying the various planets and life forms that existed on distant stars that had been otherwise unexplored. They had hoped that her father's Pon’farr would not have resulted in a child as their work was very important so they decided to return to Andoria to give birth and to leave Neshra on Andoria with her grandparents.

Neshra grew up like any other child on Andoria. Wanting to join Starfleet. But, she had to go through the paces of growing up. Skin knees, elbows, and just being a girl. Neshra rough her way through childhood and teenage life. When she was eighteen, the young lady, graduated High School in 2374, she decided to forge her out path in life. Which, unlike her parents, she enlisted into the United Federation Starfleet Enlisted. She went directly to Naval Station Great Lakes (NAVSTA Great Lakes) North Chicago, Illinois Earth to become an crewmen, then later to Advance Individual Training (AIT); Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. to become an Warp Engine Repairer.

After years worth of training, Neshra, went to her first duty assignment, the USS Chevya, an Miranda class starship. Over the next six years, she seen the universe, placed her feet on foreign soil, promoted to Petty Officer second class and become shop foreman of maintenance section of the Chevya. But, Neshra wanted more in life, then what the enlisted just couldn’t provide. For the point system for promotion was horrible. Chevya, re-enlisted, but decided to take up the Green to Starfleet gold program. Which turned her enlistment into being an officer.

There were many options, courses and colleges to choose from, but Neshra decided to go through Starfleet Academy. Once Neshra enrolled into the Academy she spent the next four years studying and understanding what it was to be an officer. Neshra was doing her damnest just keep her grades up as best as she could. However, with in a year’s time of entering the Academy, the Hobus star went nova, This news was shocking to all people with in the Federation, but for Neshra, received news from her grandparents that both her mother and father had died, caught in the blast wave of the supernova. Though the news of this hit at her heart, it had changed her for the better.

Which, upon 2388 she graduated at 227 out of 233. With the newly pinned rank of Ensign upon her collar, was soon assigned to USS Bach. She spent the next three years as that Miranda class operational officer. Starfleet, transferred Neshra to the USS Svartalfheim. The Captain of the Svartalfheim, saw Neshra had potential of being a good Operational chief, but at the same time noticed that she was struggling. So, the captain took Neshra under his wing and taught her more about her field then anyone had, giving her some good advice that he felt would help her and appointed Neshra as that ship’s assoc. Chief Operations Officer. She was glad learn new things and to manage her disorder and with his help she was finally able to get promoted to Lt. Upon her gaining her new rank, Starfleet transferred Neshra to the USS Tsoukalos to be that ship’s Chief Operational Officer.

During her time aboard, the Tsoukalso, she face many challenges to herself and the crew. First, the Second officer stepped down and retired. She was giving the position, while continuing to be Operations Chief. Months later, she was thrust into being, the Tsoukalos’s Executive Officer, when he was murdered by Orions. Neshra, felt overwhelmed for the first few weeks of being placed as XO and being promoted to Lt. Commander. Thanks in part to the captain, senior staff and the crew of the USS Tsoukalos, helped her become an good XO. Now, with a year under belt, Neshra, sets forth to becoming an starship captain and now awaits after taking the Commander course for her assignment.

Being appointed the captain of the USS Archer, an Daystrom class starship, the old Ops chief, awaits for her ship to be finished being update in Drydock and waits for her new crew to be assigned to the Archer.
Service Record Education:
~Andorian Public School System
~Starfleet Naval Basic Training
~Advance Individual Training
-Warp Engine Repairer
~NCO Training
~Starfleet Academy
-Green to Starfleet Gold course

Service Record:

Naval Station Great Lakes (NAVSTA Great Lakes) North Chicago, Illinois Earth
Advance Individual Training (AIT)
-Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, Earth

USS Chevya: Miranda Class
Promoted to Sergeant
NCO Training (on board starship holodeck program)
Maintenance Shop Foreman

Starfleet Academy Green to Starfleet Gold program

USS Bach: Oberth Class
Operation officer
Ensign and LT.JG

USS Svartalfheim : Akria Class
Operation/Assistant Chief
Promoted to LT.

USS Tsoukalos: Intrepid Class
Chief Operation Officer/Second Officer/
Executive Officer
Promoted to Lt. Commander

USS Archer: Daystrom Class
Commanding Officer