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Lieutenant JG Carrie Pierce

Name Carrie L Pierce

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 135lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Friendly, good nature, with an hint of an mean streak. Willing to prove great medical attention to all her patients, even to the stubborn ones. Strong and tough


Father James R. (Deceased: Natural)
Mother Racheal B.
Brother(s) Lief
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally, Carrie is head strong, witty, and blunt. Which, from time to time, she openly told a few high ranking officers, her piece of mind. Carrie, puts forth the effort in trying to fitting in and being friendly. Carrie has over twenty tattoos upon her body, all of which are a combo of Viking, Celtic, and Catholic design. The thought of having ones atoms dissemble then resemble, has never bothered her all too much and she always looks forward to transporting to where ever, when it’s possible. Most of the time, Carrie, spends most of the time, writing or drawing in a note book, when she has nothing else to do.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+Fast Learner
+Medical and Science field is one of her passions.

The Drink, rude people. Spiders
Ambitions Generally, going out her way to help others at the risk of her own well being. Exploring the final frontier for the Federation. She a simple girl and follows in the foot steps of early space fairing Doctor and those of the Earth's Military
Hobbies & Interests Collecting antiques medical tools, tattoos, and formulating new methods towards medicine. Listening to metal type music, playing the bass and singing. Writing stories, Drawing off the wall pictures, and humor fueled jokes.

Languages: German, English, Vulcan

Personal History Born upon the land of mountains, fjords, and the snow cover plains of Sweden, Carrie, at a earlier age, despise everything her parents thought was right for her, hated the moving around. To leave her friends and having to make new ones, she didn’t want any dealings with that sort of life. When she became an teenager, Carrie, had discovered the fascination of the medical profession, from the inner workings of all types of animals, yet still had no real plan of setting out among the stars, from the factor of her dislike of here moving about with her family. When she reach eighteen, she moved to the United States to the state of Maine, to start her new profession.

As, Carrie, went through the paces of becoming an Doctor, the young woman, dabbed in the fields of science and medical. For she thought that if nothing panned out with medical, she would have something else to fall back onto. As she went to through the trails of college, Carrie, after nearly eight years, gotten her PhD, with a minor in science, but she started her career as a nurse at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Maryland. As she worked along side those personnel who devoted their life to exploring the stars and defending the freedoms of those people with in the United Federation of Planets, Carrie, had a moment, that what her parents had did wasn’t a such a bad choice after all. So she decided to leave the old Naval Hospital and went to the academy in San Fran, joined that day, to start a new life out among the stars like her parents. As Carrie, learned what it took to be a officer in Starfleet.

She was grateful that most of the courses, that she needed to pass; like those in Science and Medical fields, were taken care of by her choice, when she was going to school in Maine. With in three years time, she graduated from the Academy and became a newly pinned Ensign, and her first assignment, USS Pathfinder; an Akria class starship. Carrie had been promoted seen the horrors of battles, war, and an host of other injures and sickness. So was soon transferred to Starbase 47 and became the station resident Ass. Chief Medical. Transfers to USS Archer as Chief Medical Officer.
Service Record CIVILIAN:
--Bethesda Naval Hospital, Maryland, North America, Earth

-- USS Pathfinder: Akria Class; Doctor
-- Starbase 47: Ass. CMO
-- USS Archer: Daystrom Class; CMO