Ensign Harg Tholen

Name Harg l Tholen mr

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5, 9
Weight 180
Hair Color bald
Eye Color white
Physical Description medium


Spouse none
Children none
Father deceased ,,, Folldor
Mother decieased, Nendi, and PLondak
Brother(s) deceased
Sister(s) deceased
Other Family deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview amiable
Strengths & Weaknesses scientific ,,, paranoid
Ambitions science
Hobbies & Interests guitar ,,, earth

Personal History Harg was orphaned at the age of 6 ,through a legal Family feud on Andoria . His entire heritage of 1700 extended family members were slaugtered in the course of two days. As three families united to destroy them . (reasons why later) Harg survived as he had followed his pet to its hibernation cave and became trapped in the cave from a avalanch.

When he was found, the families screamed for his release and be heading. But was granted immunity and the Federation gave him sancutary .
He was adopted by a Geo-Physicist , and spent most of his early life 5 miles under the ocean in a Research facility in the Marianas Trench.

He was noted to have made a friend and pet of a 40 foot giant squid , and could even make it do rudimentary tasks and it acutaly led teams to discoveries . Because of this Harg was given a full scholarship to Woods Hole institute of Life sciences.
He enters Star fleet to investigate new life .

Sample Post:
Harg Dreams: Somehow floating , strangely illuminated gasses, flow like streams of color Harg floats as if in water of zero G. He has been watching this giant sphere of gossamer ascend towards him. Captivated by its shimmering latice of shimmering flourescent flangea. Watching it , it seems unaware of currents blowing past it as it makes its obviously intelligent course toward Harg. A tendril of glimmering silk comes forth to touch Harg. Harg seems to have no fear , as the tendril comes close and ....

Harg finds himself on the floor, awakening , confused , his instincts take over. and he Sounds. Andorians are used to be woken suddenly because of immediate danger. Many times its because of their enviroment , avalanches and ice fall , many times its another family come to kill. He sounds, and gets a radar image from his antennea . Some how he has a knife in hand , he does not remember grabbing.
His room is vacant , no one near.

His eyes finaly adjust , and he realizes hes on a star ship, as he focuses on his uniform hanging in its nook .

Harg looks to his personal computer , to see if orders have been issued. He dresses hastily , hoping the what ever the issue is , he gets a chance to understand the nature of what caused him to be thrusted to the floor.

Fully dressed , Harg sits at his computer , looking for status , and checks his superiors messages for the science department . Harg has learned from long expierience to stay where you can be found. or......
Service Record cadet