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Lieutenant Francis (Franc) Manning

Name Francis (Franc) Allen Manning

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft
Weight 204 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Manning is a man who keeps himself fit yet does not feel the need to show it off; He has the physique of a swimmer or a runner, lean and muscular but not bulked out. His uniform is regulation when he wears the jacket; his tendency is to roll the sleeves up when working. He is an acute genius that seems to always be on point.

Off duty he is often wearing more comfortable type clothing rather than tailored. He is aware of his clothing when he is working out or on his hobby, he has been seen many times in a running suit with Federation Logo on the pocket and sleeves.

What is most notable is his ice blue eyes that have been known to ''look through' a person if Manning concentrates. He is not an imposing personality but often despite being slightly taller than average blends well int a background.


Spouse N/A
Children None thus far
Father WIlbur
Mother Nancy
Brother(s) Terrence (Older)
Sister(s) Julie 2nd child
Dana (Youngest)
Other Family Grand Pappy Milton (Engineer)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Manning is a passive persona to the first observation, he had a high intelligence and creative thinking in his nature. He can seem a bit egotistical about information, he just 'glances' at screens and PADDS then goes about his way. This is an annoying habit to others around him; what most outside counselors and medical personnel do not realize is his 'Photographic memory' and keen observation skills. He is a type of savant; he uses his vast knowledge to improve things around him.

Where he has problems stems from his lack of tact upon occasion; his mentality is geared to seeing a difficulty and then solving it. He is a simple man in practice but because of his unique capability he does not always mesh well with others. He has been called aloof or even snobbish in friendly terms; the Evaluation will dispense with the other less friendly names, and it is because Manning relies on his intellect to guide him.

Where he thrives are in his hobbies; he takes them with the same zeal as his work but it allows his creativity to shine and he relaxes to the point of enjoyment. He becomes engrossed with h is leisure time and that often balances his personality.

One notaqble quirk is how Francis became more recessive and while personable to his Engineering teams he never really got close to the females; he got along well and respected them but never allowed himself to have many female encounters. He respects women as strong individuals but will not allow himself to have deep romantic ties with them, it causes him pain in a way.
Strengths & Weaknesses = Photographic memory
+ Creative thinker
+ Focused mentality
+ Dedicated to duty

+/- Does not explain well to those outside his profession.

- Socially behind normal curve
- Has tendency for long winded explanations.
- Reserved outside his hobby or Engineering.
- Seems aloof to most.
Ambitions To be a design Engineer at Daystrom.
Hobbies & Interests Reading of technical manuals for Engineering and Ice skating
Ice skating
Mechanical Artist, functional and sculptures.
Capoera Martial Art

Personal History Francis was the third of four children; his Parents were merchants; thus Francis had a lot of time on stations or ships depending on the time of year. During vacations he was tromping about the stars with his family business and with school he remained with his mother and siblings on a station of their home base operations.

It was noted when he did not speak but seemed to marvel at things and stare off into general directions when alone. He tracked anything around him and his mother notices a sparkle in his eyes as he watched the world. At three he had not really spoken, he was taken to a counselor who also noticed the observational intelligence of Francis.

"Why don't you tell me about your world Francis?" The Counselor said almost in a joke.

"Amazing..." He said without reservation.

He entered Preschool right after and then Kindergarten; it was then noticed he had the memory that never forgets and with his learning curve he was on an accelerated program to graduate high school at 16.

WHile in his youth he noticed a little girl waling with strange shoes over her shoulder; he followed her to an ice rink. He marveled like he rarely did at how she glide on the ice, he saw the technical aspects of what it took todo her skating physically. He soon enrolled in the sport himself, his need to learn the technical aspects and master them made him a contender early off. HE soon became a skilled skater who had won a few amateur competitions along the way; not really caring for the accolades but the challenge of creating something both technical and beautiful.

In his early teens he noticed the female skaters and their outfits, making him want more to be in some competition just to watch them. Being a merchant son and his intense routine he was stronger than he looked and soon had a coach wanting to pair him up with a female skater Natasha; who Francis noticed had very nice legs that were attached to a pretty girl.

Through their junior high schools and high school years the two skate together as one, making high marks across the board. Natasha was reveling in her awards and looking to the future medals; Francis went along for the creative side but he had also been experimenting with machines of beauty; steam powered cars and interesting sculptures with working art as well just to get ideas out of his head.

He had graduated before Natasha and took to the higher leaqrning. His Grandfather ; known as Grandpappy' was a skilled Engineer of star ships and the only one who seemed to be able to carry a conversation at length with Francis. Technical jargan; the mechanics of his vehicles and sculptures were a common ground for the two.

It was because of Grandpappy that Francis went to the Academy right out of High School. It was a decision that seemed logical to him; Natasha did not see it the same and in a rage slapped him and slapped him trying to make sense come to him; how they had potential for great things on the ice.

"it is a fun hobby..." Francis told her, she froze, turned and skate away out of his life.

Francis excelled at his studies; he was like a kid in a toy store all the time, his grades on tests were all but flawless in the Engineering section. This made him not so popular among trainees. The razzing began; his grades dropped and he almost failed a class before the instructors realized the problem. Luck would be that he met Megan 'Meg' Foster in his classes. A fellow Engineer she stood with him and helped him; some thought they were dating and left him alone now that he had fallen from grace. Meg helped him to graduate.

The USS Dawnstar was his cadet cruise; Francis was often seen just staring at the Warp Core; he would be mesmerized by it, it was the heart of the ship to him. Power systems and Drives were his specialty. No one seemed to know the panel like Francis; he had quickly become 'one' with the Core. Meg had her own studies as a Damage Control Specialist. On the cruse one of the teams had not secured the manifold after a simulation properly. The problem quickly escalated to a real danger; the plasma lines were heat damaged and the Engineering section had a fire. Francis and Meg were coming on duty when the explosions happened. The two rushed to the section and into their training. Francis secured the Warp Core by shunting the flow to the damaged warp manifold from the master control while Meg saw to the Plasma damage with her team. The shutting of power cut a majority of teh Plasma flow and kept a worst incident from occurring. The plasma teams were working hard ; a cadet got too close; Meg went to help and both were engulfed in the short moments between the shunting and the ambient plasma in the system flowing out.

Francis quick thinking saved others despite his blaming himself. He was given a commendation and promoted to Engineer. He served on the USS Moscow. Quickly working his way to a shift lead; his skills had lead to some 'tinkering' that helped stabilize some of the recurring problems of a well spaced vessel. His efforts earning him a promotion at the end of his tour.

The USS Seeker was a science Vessel that was more of a challenge than anything; Francis was not a scientist and his engineering expanded to repairing probe power system and drives as well as a few minor tinkering jobs gave him a reputation that brought him to Deputy Chief Engineer. The older Nova Class vessel was 'purring' like a new kitten, Francis did his job and as he had been taught ' give it back better than you found it.' his Grand Pappy always said.

Upon the end of his tour Manning accepted the chief Engineer slot of the USS Archer. It would be a challenge that he took upon himself to live up to.