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Personal Log Ensign Tova

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 5:21am by Ensign Tova

Stardate 71071.5

So a lot has happened since I last entered a log entry, I graduated from the academy, I accepted a new position for the first time in years, this time back in space, but as several of my friends would remind me, we work for something called Starfleet not planetary fleet, and now I accepted the roll as the second officer on the ship even though I happened to be one of the most experienced members of Starfleet on the ship, I also happen to be the newest officer on the ship. So here I am now with more work than any one person normally could even think about doing, and in actuality I know that I am more than capable to do so. I have my research and experience on the Tholians ready in a simple report, but at the same time I know that I will need to have a private meeting with the heads of the Engineering and Tactical departments to plan for the worst with them.


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Comments (1)

By Lieutenant JG Harg Tholen Sr on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 10:17am

harg had at his entrance ,,,, noted you ,,and almost involuntarily gave you an Andorian greeting . by subtly wavering his left antenna . Nothing that would be noticed by anyone else . but a certain cultural adaptaion ,, that was more like saying " Hi, I see you ." like in American culture is ,,, WASS up . You see that hes embarrased by his indescrecstion ,,,, as Andorian portocol and manners dont allow for such personal signaling . Tie your tennea in a knot your mothers would say ,if they found you twisting your antenna