The Heart beats on

Posted on Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 @ 11:19pm by Lieutenant Francis (Franc) Manning

"Computer begin Log." Manning instructed.

It was supposed to be something easily done; a personal log, and yet Manning still had trouble with it. He felt like he should be starting with a 'dear diary' tag on Personal Logs for the most part. The Counselors had suggested he start a journal of sorts to help with his back log of emotions. There are some good observations in past logs from his hours on duty; since he remembered he really saw little reason to 'log' the same information.

"Today was a ..." He hesitated. "day." He continued. "Nothing much going on aside from the routine; I am sailing with a new ship of course but tha is to be expected and the new Engineering team are well tuned before I took over and now they just accepted me as Chief and continue as they were. Where I am having no problems with the transition to my style of leading them should give me ease of mind I am anything but easy of mind." He sigh. "Today she would have been a year older; she liked being older than me of course, and still I wish I could hear that razing just once more? I have found a million things it seems that take the same 'instant' and could change lives so radically, but none matter. It is a futile study of non-relevant events."

HE took a long drink of the Iced Tea.

"The heart is the most important thing right now, the steady impulses that push lofe through to the parts; a steady heart beat is essencial to life and we all are dependent upon it. I know more than most what kind of trouble come from an Irreguar pulsing of the Heart and how it affects everything else. All I need do is whatever it takes to keep that constant heartbeat; that lets life continue as it needs." HE thought for a moment as the recording followed his voice impressions. "It is a simple thing; programmed to work tirelessly in the center; all other things are a part of the whole and a steady pulse means a good chance to live. The Warp Core is the heart of the ship and it is beating just fine so we all keep on with our lives." HE concluded.

He took down a few mental note.

"My heart is still going, the work is fulfilling and I really have nothing but good things to say about having a fine ship to tend to." He seemed cheerful. "The Coming events will put me to the test of course but that is why I came out here, I love a good challenge."

"End Log."