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Round table chat

Posted on Tue Feb 21st, 2017 @ 5:06am by Lieutenant JG Carrie Pierce & Captain Neshra & Lieutenant Polean Drenden & Lieutenant JG Harg Tholen Sr & Ensign Ben Ertman & Ensign Tova
Edited on on Wed Feb 22nd, 2017 @ 12:12am

Mission: 01: Brazan's Gate
Location: Briefing Room

"Ma'am" stated Neshra's Yeoman

The Andorian Vulcan was looking out the large window. The stars were barely visible with Earth's moon shining brightly and nearly taking up all the window. Her eyes looked down on the many cities that dotted the lunar landscape. She sighed as she turned her slightly to the left as she looked at her yeoman.

"Yes, Ms. Jones" returned the captain of the USS Archer

"Ma'am, I've brought your coffee, is there anything else you need of me" returned Jones pleasantly

"Thank you and yes, page the senior staff that there is a meeting in an hour" Neshra said as she turned and smiled at her Yeoman "Also, thank you again."

"You're welcome ma'am" returning cheerfully

Polean saw the message pop up on her monitor as she did her research. It was good that she had informed the Yeoman that she would prefer non-emergency message be sent over the computer. She quickly entered a confirmation that she received the message.

Tova is sitting on the Intelligence Office, wearing the old style 2290s communications earpiece when she overheard the message about the staff meeting, especially with her previous meeting with Commander Neshra she didn't care about the hour wait time, Tova grabs her stack of about 25 PADDs from all over the place, a coffee mug holding about a gallon of coffee and heads to the briefing room.

Harg Tholen had been used to living in close quarters. Seems his entire life was devoted to such living. He just wasn't used to everyone being so polite. Such is the magic of wearing a uniform. Salute this one , nod to that one ,, always remember to keep antennea straight up . Having set up his quarters and very little else , Hargs attention is drawn to the his personal computer ,and a his very first message , blinking in a somewhat impatient manner. Harg nods ,as he read the summons, and worries as he had not even met the Senior Science officer yet ,,and here he was meeting the Captain.

Harg scan his room , for his Personal notepad . Slings his Star fleet issued Satchel . Looking at the Personal computer, he stops . He knows he should tell his Senior officer of his department of this summons with the Captain. Harg locates the science department , and writes a quick note to the head of the science department . There was no use , getting off on the wrong foot ,in a new place.
Harg makes his way to meeting.

Carrie, who would have been just as happy to be in sickbay then waste time on senior staff meet. decided not to upset the power that be and attend the meeting. Even if medical didn't seem important enough for most missions, it did help to let people know that medical was there to lean some sort of helping hand.

Ben is making his rounds and inspecting all of the positions in engineering when a computer lights up with information of the meeting. He quickly finishes up his rounds and heads for the meeting room.

Polean steps out of the turbolift outside the meeting room, cup of strong chai tea in hand as she carries the small bag of PADDs in with her. She steps in ten minutes before the meeting is supposed to begin, wanting to make sure she was ready for whatever was to come.

Tova nods at Lieutenant Polean as she enters the conference room where Tova made a point at sitting to the left hand side of the chair the commanding officer would normally sit in, knowing that is the traditional seat for the second officer due to her experience in the fleet, "Lieutenant, I assume your received the paperwork I submitted to you already, sorry for not meeting with you again since we spoke in the shuttle bay. It's been a busy few hours."

Polean looks to the younger-looking Ensign, but seeing the Captain about to start, she pointed to her wrist and then held a finger up, the Federation Sign Language for "later"

"Hold that thought, Ms. Drenden" stating the captain as she turned to look to all that had gathered "I know where lacking a few spots in the senior staff. Which, some of you, might have to pick up the slack until we receive those officers. What about to inform you, is dubbed classified both at HQ and the Federation itself. Though, I am going to make this quick and painless as possible."

She wanted for all to take a sit, before she continued.

Carrie, sighed as she picked up her coffee from the replicator and took her seat.

Once everyone was seated, Neshra continued to talk.

"Many if not all of you have already heard that we're going on a rescue mission of SB47, yet none of you except myself and Dr. Pierce, knows about the return of the Enterprise B. Which I am surprise that the powers that be, haven't stated other wise. The short of it, the Tholians captured it and Starfleet got it back and with this mission on the tails of the return, we have an element of the unknown. I am concern about the Tholians, but they aren't our biggest concern at the moment. We need to get to SB 47 and face the Prolatians. They're an new race in the Delta quadrant that have rattled their sabers and took on the lone station with a massive fleet of ships. We, plus the crew of Deplorable and Jotunheim have been dispatch to rescue the station."

She stated as she stood behind her chair at the head of the table "Any questions?"

Drenden nodded to the Captain. "Do we have any idea how many ships this fleet consists of? How we approach these Prolatians will differ based on what numbers and weapons we're looking at."

Carrie looked to the XO and stated "Big massive and more then ten. Picture Klingon vessels with thicker armor and slightly nastier weapons, ma'am" the doctor turned to captain "I'll except a ton of injuries and deaths, ma'am. They don't play well with others." she looked to the XO "Oh, they're some what primitive in nature, yet, mental giants. Yes they are humanoid on the outside. Inside, totally wire oddly. Let's just say, it's odd and leave it at that.

"I wouldn't hold it pass, the Prolatians, that they send in a whole fleet with various smaller support and frigates" she stated as she looked to the captain and then to the other "I suggest send two or three members of your staff for combat life saving class, because, it's going to be a Thunderdome type of play with the Prolations. if they board us. In other words, two men enter, one man will leave."

Hargs Antenna alert him as he reaches the conference room that hes late. He senses if not smells their quite a few in the room beyond the door ,, he can feel the vibrations of talking he knows hes in trouble already . He enters the room and takes a double take at the captain ,not expecting another Andorian,, "Please forgive me Captain ,,, I just arrived and just learned that i was you Senior science officer. '

Hargs face turns a deeper blue as he sits in the first seat available, noting his arrival disrupted an involved discussion ,,, he pulls out his Personal PADD and pulls out a paper note book with an old fashion pencil . He looks sheepishly at the assembled crew.

"Dont mind me Ill catch up using the minutes ." Harg begins syncing his PADD to the confrence rooms recording ,,, reading and nodding.

Tova grins, "With respect, I wouldn't trust the Tholians either so I'd prefer it if we come prepared for both of them as tactical opponents. As such I would like us to come prepared with something of a tactically armed drone system, like was developed when I served on the USS Alabama and we had to deal with the Tholians, where we modified class 3 probes with phaser rifles so that the Operations department was able to fly and shoot and provide additional weapons fire. By using just 2 of them and the ship we were able to break a Web before it was fully formed around us."

Harg opens his note book and draws a diamond in the middle of the page with his pencil , as he finishes his recap of the minutes . Tholian he designates the Diamond. Scetching quick , to the left of the Diamond a cartoony starship. To the right, a space station below 6 little boxes with question marks Prolations?

He looks up as his mind works .

Can intelligence tell us if this new race is using borrowed technology. Tolians are notorious to set traps like this . Here being the Prolatians are the honey , and we the fly.

Tova looks around at the team, "As for the Prolations, what was discussed here is all I know about them, to me they are very new, and I have not had enough time to review what is known about them. Captain if possible can you send me any files we have on them?"

Harg looks at the assembled officers , idlily doodeling in his note book. Most of the discussion so far concerning the issue was military in stategem. Harg doodles a cartoony Archer ship above the little boxes of question marks . " Pew , pew" , me muttered to himself as he made little torpedoes eminating from the Archer. As he waited for the captain to find any relevant files. He thought about the Tholians . he begins to draw more precisesly in his diamond,the features of a Tholian. This focuses his mind . As an Exo-biologist Tholians were frustratingly vaugue. MUch of the literature was speculation. As far as anyone knew , the Tholian homeworld was never found .

Harg takes his PADD ,, and syncs it to the screen in the conference room, he pulls up a research paper done almost 50 years ago ,, but one that was to his eye , very intruiqing . Would it be possible to convince these warhawks , to come at this mission from a scientific perspective. Too many times in Star Fleet was Science done as an after thought. More times than likely it was Autopsy . Although having a Tholian cadaver on his table , would get him published .

"Captain, with your permission. I have a published paper concerning Tholians . Much is speculation , and it has only 40 percent approval of the Scientific community . It does actually diagram the accepted data base. But then it makes some conclusions , which are ...".Harg stops ,,, looking at the faces . He forces his Antenna to remain straight .

"insightful and possibly even a weapon ." Harg finishes , hoping he baited his hook .

Neshra looked to Tova first "I like that idea, however, let go with the peace talk thing first and go with your idea as a back. So get cracking on that as well, modifying the Exocomps as well, just in case we have unnoticed guest."

The Andorian Vulcan looked to her XO as she gestured towards Dr. Pierce "That many, Ms. Drenden. So run drills of various types. Both outside and inside the Archer. If you have any ideas for Exocomps, let Tova know"

"Doctor" as she turned to look at her Chief Medical officer

"I know the drill, captain." returned Carrie

"Good" she said not having to go on the about medical

The captain of the Archer looked to her science chief and arched her brow in typical Vulcan gesture "I see. I want you to work with the XO on those pew pew idea in your paper then"

She tapped on her Vulcan eyes and smiled at him "Also, see to the sensors."

Harg nods , trying not to deflate. Once again science will be a weapon to affirm superiority.

"Yes captain , I will modify ships sensors to detect energy signatures typical of the Plasma used by Tholians. It will require the use of several buoys , i can have them ready if you give me some idustrious engineers."
Harg looks at the petite XO , looking somewhat out of place in a field dominated by scar faced, square jawed, testosterone junkies.
He circles his cartoony space battle and draws lines emenating from it ,,, "Boom"

"Tova" as she looked to the young elder sixteen year old "let's make sure that back up works, I don't want it to back fire on us. also, just in case, see what the Klingons are doing about this situation on SB47. I know they've got a garrison on the station. Whatever it is, even the minor, I want to know. I don't want to PO the Klingons, not like it'll matter, but it good to have the intel."

Tova nods for a few seconds with her hand over her mouth, "They worked for a short time back then over seventy years ago, with the upgrades in technology and actually knowing what we are doing they will work. As for the Klingons, I am already reaching out and waiting on hearing from a member of the High Council whom I had the honor of working with several times already."

Tova looks at Dr Pierce, "Doctor, I'd like to meet with you in private for a few minutes after this to discuss the Prolations."

Hargs antenna almost involuntarily twitched looking at Tova . He saw the respect afforded to her , and saw something older behind her eyes. But something was slightly surreal about her. At first glance he had dismissed her as some prodigy child, or even some witness to the events . Now to see she was a chief of Intelligence, and she most likely had the information he needed, furrowed his brow. "If I may be part of that Discussion, Tova? " He felt like he was inviting himself to a Pajama Party. " I feel like I need to be brought up to speed."

Tova doesn't show any type of expression on her face for a few seconds, but in her head she thinks to herself 'grups', "With respect Lieutenant Tholen I need to talk to the doctor in private, in fact Doctor, probably the best place to have our discussion will be in sickbay."

"XO" she looked to her friend Polean "Let's try not to over work everyone on drills. I think, random person when you gesture to them is injured. If you touch them they play dead. Which would give those trained in Combat life saving an way to hone their skill, that and the medics.

"I'm thinking one a day drills in the holodeck would work well. I have several drills that I can adapt to the specs of our ship", Polean turned to Tova, "if you would work with me on altering them with any intelligence you have access to for both Tholians and Prolatians." Polean turned back to the captain and partially to the chief medical officer. "I believe that the life saving training would be best headed up by our CMO, as she has much more experience than I do in that field"

Tag: Neshra Looked to her first and nodded her head to Polean "Good idea, XO. Just make sure, you give each department a good work out. Except for the doctor, make sure you get them working on what they do best. I think something along the line of the of a Klingon type medic or what took place on earth centuries ago. Limited meds, power, lighting, and so forth

Carrie rolled her eyes and shook her "thank captain. As for the combat lifesavior class. I'll round up the top medics I have to give that class, ma'am"

"Any thing else you all want to add?" stating the captain

Harg closes his Notebook . He senses more than knows , his strangeness to a 'new land' is perceived oddly , and distrust is evident. He looks at the assembled , and they seem very comfortable in each others company. He wonders to him self , if such a team will accept him , as they seem to be so adverse to alternate thinking. Harg was used to this type of mentality, as he had been with his Adopted father , fighting Earths Politicians to generate fast and recordable gains in energy , while dismissing the big picture that science was trying to convey. To often ,, almost everytime ,, Science was precieved as some answer to the imediate. That was not what science was about. Science was deliberate ,, had its own agenda ,, and if something squirted out from the observation ,, all the better to the Grant holders.

Harg turns off his PADD sync , with his scientific report pulled up .

He looks around at the assembled staff, and sees no ally, He sees hes in a military ship, with visions of kills and death to glorify their ego.

Harg looks down . Knowing he has a duty to Starfleet ,, and suddenly he realizes ,,, to save his life.

He stands bowing to the the Captain slightly

"If I may ? I would like to open up Science Lab One and get to know my staff Captain."

"Of course, Mr. Harg." returned the captain

"Right you have your duties, let's get cracking. Dismiss"

Commander Neshra
USS Archer

Dr. Carrie Pierce
USS Archer

Ensign Tova
Second Officer/Chief Intelligence Officer/Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Archer

Lieutenant Polean Drenden
First Officer/Chief Tactical Officer
USS Archer

Ensign Ben Ertman
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