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Odd Things Part 1

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 10:03pm by Ensign Tova & Lieutenant JG Carrie Pierce

Mission: 01: Brazan's Gate
Location: after the meeting

Carrie recalled reading about the medical information about Tova, ever so briefly. However, she recalled many a long nights about her people and the their world. She grasp at the chemical warfare of her homeworld, that had alter the younglings of that world to be damn near immortal, but, something was egging at her, as to how long was their life span outside their world? After the meeting she agreed with the second officer to meet with her. So she wait outside the briefing room, until she was finished talking to the captain and first officer.

"What's up, boss?" stated the doctor

Tova looks at the older looking but younger woman as she rolls up her sleeve, "Well there are a few different things going on," Tova pauses before continuing, "First off, since some of what needs to happen involves being treated in sickbay, can we clear sickbay so that we can have a secure conversation as you treat me?" Tova shows the spots that prior to the cure developed by Dr McCoy would be a sign of the change happening.

At first, the doctor nodded her head to what Tova suggested. Until she rolled up her sleeves to reveal what she had read about from McCoy to everyone else.

"Is that what I think it is?" returned the doctor as she gestured to the spots on Tova's arm

Tova nods, "It's believed that the simple fact that we were exposed to the chemicals that prolonged our life for so long that unlike the crew of the original Enterprise when it discovered my planet and the observers who were sent to educate us and guide us, that we were going to need booster shots every few decades, as it has been about twenty since my last booster and I noticed this just before the meeting the medical team was correct. In addition, I need to know what you know about the Prolations, and for that reason, as Chief Intelligence Officer that must happen in a secure location, as the Captain's Ready Room and the First Officer's Office are not suitable as it is only the two of us, that leaves either my office where you wouldn't be able to treat me or Sickbay as the only two options."

"Ah" returned the doctor as she stepped off to the side and gestured to the lift "Under norm I would agree with you, but, I think maybe one or two of my staff can aid us. A medic and Nurse. As for the Prolation, let me tell you what I know"

Two walked to the lift as Carrie went into detail on the Prolation. She stated that they were resemble Earth's Neanderthals on the outside. She then stated "...not every living thing is design in the same fashion as humanoids go..." she explained that everything inside them, looked like someone just tossed everything into the air and let it land where it may before wiring it all together and made it work "...they breath out their asses. Not sure as of yet, how they reproduce yet..."

The lift down opened onto the medical level " for their tech, is what I stated in the briefing. They are a religion based people, which matches muslims and some Roman god like. They are mental giants, but, on a skill of nature their blood is rather primitive."

Tova doesn't show any emotional response, "Makes sense, now as a way of detecting them, since they are from the Delta quadrant do they show any markers on scans I know having reviewed Voyager's data that some species had higher radiation levels than those that we have seen in the past."

"Well, that's the trick behind it. A cure is simple, yet, without a dose in 20 is a factor," stating the Doctor looked to her nurse and medic and informed the others to leave. She was glad there weren't patients. Once those she ordered to leave she informed her remaining two what she would needed for her patient, before stating to Tova "however it all depends on when you started your first menstrual cycle"

Tova scratches her head, "Somewhere around Stardate 2786, it was still in 2266, just later in the year. I've had my annual cycle every year since, and I know that you normals get it every month not one a year but what can I say? Everything seems slowed down for us , if expectations are correct I have at least another few hundred years of life."

Carrie just let out a whistle to Tova reply of how many cycle she had over the century and some change "And you skipped out on the cure for 20"

Tova nods, "Not to worry I am never going to wait this long again."

"Waiting that long might prove problematic now"

"I hope to be dealing with the fighting my way, and by that I mean using the skills that we taught in Advanced Tactical Training, including the field medic sections if needed, so even with everything else I have going on I will be around for the training if possible."

As the Nurse and medic placed the ideas she need, the doctor thanked them and informed them she will be needing them in a few minutes " stay frosty, you two"

They nodded as Carrie gestured to the biobed "have a sit, sunshine, we're going to run a quick series of test. Because, I have an idea on to killing two birds with one stone or as my good friend Commander B'rur would 'kill one stone with two bird, is the Chuck Norris way'. Either way you look at it, you won't have any more cycles and you might jump a few years in age to an adult, plus it might slow down your aging after that jump to an near slug crawl" she gestured with her right hand with her index and thumb.

Tova looks at the doctor like she is crazy, “So not only will this speed up my aging process but slow it down even more, back to the level it was in prior to the Enterprise finding my planet. So what do you need to start?”

"It's an old earth med from the twentieth century and a biological chemistry from your world, plus Dr. McCoy cure for good measure" she gestured to the Nurse and looked to Tova "first we need a blood sample."

Tova rolls up her sleeve even though she knows that with current technology that isn't needed anymore, just an old habit that she cannot seem to give up, “So tell me about these guys as you work.”

"To detecting those guys, well, I wasn't there for that. However, word on the street, is flow the particle and weak armor in the back" she looked to the medic "run all scans on the sample. Match it to all known Onlies with in the fleet, plus begin running a chem on adults. Everything, as well as fluid that surrounds the child" the doctor looked back as she opened an tricorder "You know, whatever we can do to end that attack on your world's weapon, we'll be named after you "So whatever you can give us, that your medical file doesn't have, would be wise."

Tova sighs, “Well let's start with the names of the Onlies in the fleet, of course there's me, then there is Lieutenant Meda over in Starfleet Command assigned as the Aide to Admiral Endrana in the Diplomatic Corps, Senior Master Chief Squal, Lieutenant Commander Carnk, and Master Chief Jono. The only known descendant to an Onlies is Miri’s daughter who has shown no sign of the life prolongation tests and as such is aging faster than Miri.” Tova pauses for a second and looks at the doctor, “The as you call it ‘weapon’ was an experiment to make people live for a long time, and it worked but with this nasty side effect of killing anyone who has past maturity. The basic root is modified T cells which flow through the bloodstream slowing down the aging process, but when the T cells break down the body rapidly ages.”

"Interesting" returned the Doctor she looked at the nurse behind the microscope "Nurse, please tell if Tova's T cell is breaking down"

"One second, doctor" the nurse replied. A few seconds later she gave an answer "Early stages"

She mumbled an colorful four letter word that starts with F. She placed her right hand onto her chin. She now knew she was really working behind the clock with Tova. She new that the young elderly woman was in the early stages death, that. Any real attempt to try all the theories, would be in vain. Her mind raced to about as she turned to look at Tova.

"Well damn, Tova" Carrie stated "it would appear we're at a stand still. I don't think the Captain would put a halt on our mission, to make a pit stop at second Earth. Though, there might be a way to repair your T cells, by using the same chemicals that started all this. Slightly less strength the before."

Tova shakes her head, “I don't feel that will be necessary I have faith in your skills doctor, if I didn't I would have notified Starfleet Medical and the Captain and sat the mission out.”

She nodded her head and before she could ask the Nurse, the screen on the side lite up with the chemical matrix of the 'weapon' from Tova's world. She looked at it as she tilted her head and damn near laugh.

Tova looks at the doctor stone faced, “What's so funny doctor?”

"Your forefather weaponized Tang" Carrie replied as she gave an order to the Nurse to bring up the old earth drink. Which matched an 100% in make up, yet how Tova's forefathers proceed to make it into a weapon is beyond her "Just wow. an hundred plus years to figure out what the weapon is, we've found it. I think we just might have found a cure to repairing your T cells after all, plus everyone else in the fleet."

Tova starts giggling like a schoolgirl, “The life prolongation program isn't as old as you think it is, it wasn't my forefather but actually a research team that my uncle happened to be part of in the city we called Tel Cairo, in the country that was called Palestine, what your Earth calls Tel Aviv in the old country of Israel.”

Carrie nodded her and asked her question about her family

Tova sighs, “My family was in the Confederate States of America, specifically the city of New Amsterdam on the state known as New Netherlands where my mother worked for the League of Nations.”

"Alternate histories on the twin history." she rubbed her head knowing a headache will come when she read up on the Tova's homeworld

Tova smiles, “There happens to be several differences between our planets almost like many of the possibilities happened resulted in opposite directions for the two planets.”

"I gather that" returned the doctor "Like weaponizing Tang...." she turned to the Nurse when she stated 'Ma'am' "Yeah go ahead"

"I've been looking at the Ensign Tova's T cells and there is minor traces of the weaponize Tang, as you like to call it, surrounding the cell. Most of the chemical agent have bore into it."

"Bore in like impacted upon the rock from space onto a world" asked Carrie

"Yes, doctor. Like that" returned the Nurse "Impacted the T cell upon, Ensign Tova's was born. So, it would seem has soon as she arrive upon the Earth, the chemical infected her. I believe there might be something embryonic that protected the child"

Tova finally snaps, “Why do you keep calling me 'child’ I've been in the fleet longer than you!” She takes a deep breath.

Carrie looked to Tova and shrugged her shoulders. Her mind raced through all the possibilities, outcomes, and whatever that this new trail provided.

"I rather reprogram white blood cell, then tackle a long dragged out pick and pull on T cells. If I miss one, you'll be infected again and I can't tell you what would happen if that happen. However, your idea sounds great. But, we need a fresh sample for that. That just might give the captain pause, on altering the mission to save the Onlies and hopefully maintain their damn immortality."

“Let's do what ever you think is easier,” Tova states looking at the eyes of the doctor.

Dr. Carrie Pierce
USS Archer

Ensign Tova
Second Officer/Chief Intelligence Officer/Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Archer


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