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Science dept

Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 11:56am by Lieutenant JG Harg Tholen Sr

Mission: 01: Brazan's Gate
Location: science lab one

Science dept
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Posted on Thu Feb 9th, 2017 @ 4:33am by Lieutenant JG Harg Tholen Sr

Mission: 00: New ship New beginnings

Harg , arrives to Science Department 1 , with a troubled mind , and foul mood. He tried to to shake the conference room interactions from his mind . But he found his antenna involuntarily wavering , and seeking information , as his inner thoughts consumed him . He forces his mind to clear by sheer force of will ,,, Antenna up , before he enters the Science lab.

The sight almost calmed him as the door opened . There it was in front of him , a fully equipped Star fleet Star Ship , Science Lab. Hargs eyes took in the sights . There was equipment here that would make research labs envious. Better than that, Scientists. People that understood the language he spoke , and cared about the things he cared about. He looked about still inside the doorway . He smiled as no one even looked up from their tasks , to notice who the new guy coming into Science lab was . So involved in their individual tasks , they were barely part of this reality . The way it was supposed to be when engaging in Science. A loss of ones self , to exploration and scientific purposes. Intense thought, that seemed to blank out the world.

He didnt bother them , but instead walked quietly to the back of the lab to an office . He took out his PADD and pointed it at the door . Hoping the Captain had allowed for his clearance. The 'shhhuuutt' sound of the opening door, echoed his sigh of relief. He smiled again as he saw he had a desk with a fully intigrated Computer, and shelves for books , a conference table with a holo projector. His eyebrow raised and his antenna moved forward as there against a wall was Spectro Emitter ,, in fact it was an antique . Quaint ,,, he might keep it ,,, it would be an interesting lamp .

Harg steps around his desk , and out of habit , turns on his console. He soon found himself having to sit in the chair as the computer wanted confirmations and numbers and retina scans. 'Needy computers' he muttered. After a time he found himself in his work a day Chief screens ,,,Duty Rosters , Science Staff , Star fleet records, messages. He had one message already . Opening it , he found it was the initial message he had sent in his quarters , only hours ago. Telling the Chief of the Science Department he was meeting with the Senior staff. He closes it , Hargs antenna seem to curl like vipers on his head.

He has his orders , and goes into the supervisor Notices. He needs to call a full conference to all Supervisors , he finds the 5 department supervisors, and checking Roster times sets up the next closest time as convieneint ,,,, 3 hours.

He then goes to General Notices for everyone in the Science Department.

He begins to write ,,,,

Greetings, I am Harg Tholen and have been given the oppurtunity to lead the Science team of the Archer. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you . and help you serve this good ship ,and give aid to its needs. I know new directors coming in from the outside are viewed with scepticism . I will try to put your fears at ease, and hope you teach me, as much as I am expected to direct our department for the needs of the Captain and this Good ship. I am not a pencil pusher, I am a scientist as well. I know the expectations and the deadlines, and the lack of understanding from other departments. I believe , with a small amount of trust , we can as a team , can crush any deadline and surpass expectations.

We are soon to be going on a mission , and I will be putting tasks into the roster after I review with Department Supervisors. Please , for the fist few days , keep all requests and submissions sent to Supervisors.

In the consequent tasks ordered by the Captain , I will be looking for volunteers first to double shift .

Thank you
Lt Harg Tholen PHD

3 hours later .

Harg had been hard at work inside his office inside Science Lab 1 . Pulling up the space maps , and syncing information to the Holo projector conected to the conference table that was in his office. He wanted to show the supervisors of the Archers science team he was compitent ,and ready to lead. He felt more apprehension meeting these men or Women of science, than he had the captain. Mostly it was because he needed for them to 'want' to follow his direction. He knew how it was for people to follow , because of duty . He felt that way himself , to a certain extent ,as the captain ,didnt even hear his alternate perspective. She did what was safe ,and listened to old allies. She did as one would expect of a Female Andorian. But her concerns were valid , and if it took such menial military tasks to garner support , Harg was willing to earn it.

The other whispers in her ear would be more difficult. Harg saw the usual Starfleet Military established protocol in full effect, in the senior staff. Everything was an encounter to establish superiority ,and if that failed , how to reduce the cost. Go in with bravado ,and fight your way out, so later ,, the thinkers , can come up with some kind of answer. Sometimes luck prevailed . Sometimes acts of valor , and blind faith , and the last ditch effort , cause Medals to appear on proud chests. Many times not .

Harg was determined to not face the void unprepared . An old Andorian saying ,' If you knowingly walk into a trap of thin ice , do not bring a rope. Bring a straw.'

The door slides open as the addressed Supervisors enter the office.

(i open up this thread to any who wish to play an NPC ,,, you would be a supervisor to the science dept, and can pick your expertised. Supervisors dont nessesarly need to be scientists btw. Some are just good adminstrators,and are from other fields. )

Harg watches and greets them from his desk as they enter.

"Please be seated , and feel free to use the replicator for drinks . I still have some finishing touches to the presentation. It might be a bit woobly in production value , but I had to get you all here , and i had three hours."

Harg was in fact looking at the Personal files of the 5 Science supervisors .

First in and first to sit down , with out a drink . Was a Vulcan female , who was mature in feature, but could have been any age between 30 and 50 . Looking at her file he was still suprised to see she was in her mid 50's.

Potuk files were as expected , orderly and showed a steady career in Starfleet. She was Astrophysicst , and notable in research and published . Her Docket shows she had refused several promotions, until recently . Finaly taking on a Supervisors role. She would have been an excellent pick for Chief of Science. Harg wonders as he looks at her sitting straight in her chair, what kept her from accepting that role.

Behind her was an older human male. Who greeted Harg with a prefunctory bow,,,, we has bald except for a graying band of hair . He went to replicator and soon had some kind of Tea , that smelled floral . He spoke as he took his tea , grasping it with both hands and bunching his shoulders . " Does it need to be so cold in here , im bound to catch my death ."

Harg realized he had set the climate controls to Andorian comfort levels , as he was working. He quickly set the controls back .

"Forgive me ,,i have set them back to standard levels ,,i was working and forgot ,,"

The older man was in fact younger than he looked ,,,his docket showed him as 47. Glenn Breckridge. Was not a scientist , but a mathmatician, and was mostly an engineer. He was given his position as supervisor , because of an accident in engineering , and a medical demerit for physical abilites due to the damage. He gave off a certain disdain , that was hard to look past.

But as he sat down , Potuck greeted him with a nod , and showed him her Stylus, pointing at something there. He seemed to cheer up looking at it ,,, he sipped at his tea ,, and self congradulatorly said .... "Well I thought would have happened , you can not be to light on them after all ."

The next person that came in was like a bluster of confidence and cheer. The Human Male came into the room , and immediatly looked at Harg.
"So whos the new fall guy this time?" he said with a smile as pure as sunshine."
Danny Lindquist , 32 was a Geologist ,with several master degrees in associated sciences . He looked like he just stepped off some movie set with square jaw and Icey blue eyes, and thick yellow blond hair. His good humor , and freindliness he wore about him like an Aura.

Harg despite the words ,,, that slightly disturbed him, could not help but smile back at his infectous smile.

" Have a seat , and we will see if i can keep my career in the black ." Harg acknowledged the humor .

The fourth in was a Bajoran woman that wore the most unusual uniform Harg had ever seen . It was like a combination of Star fleet uniform and some kind of Evening Dress ,, with a glimmering red sash and a cut up the leg that showed shapely legs in a peekabo fashion. She entered with such a grace , with such a caring smile . Her presence seemed to brighten the room . Everyone at the conference table looked over and greeted her, even Glenn seemed to lighten up , though he sill seemed to be shivering.

She came over to Harg , and bowed to him.
" i did so appreciate the letter you sent to the Staff. You seem like your going to do wonderfully here . I so hope I am not late , I just closed my shift."

Harg nodded ,,, looking for words , as she surprized and surpassed him.

"P Puh PLease ,, your right on time. Help yourself to the replicator ,, Im just finishing up here ."

She joined the others with notable good spirits on everyones faces .

To'palah , was according to her profile , attached to the Medical Department , and was in fact a counselor. . She had accepted a supervisors duty , becuase of an incident that occured , and she stepped in to the role out of nessecity . She still ran a full course of clients for Sick bay. Her specialty was Crisis Management and Anxiety disorders.


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