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Play Time

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 11:46pm by Ensign Tova

Location: Forward Torpedo Magazine
Timeline: Just After Odd Things Part 2

Tova looks around at the tactical and operations staff present as she enters the forward torpedo magazine with two enlisted members of the Strategic Operations staff and an enlisted member of the Intelligence department and realized that the tactical and science chiefs either did her a favor or are hiding their mid-level enlisted far from where they can do any good, not that she brought a fellow officer with her either, but at least she took people who were qualified for what they were doing.

Tova slaps her hands together and runs them together, partially because her body is still sore from the work with the doctor but also because it's one of her standard motions to do, “Okay everyone, let's take apart a probe and turn it into a weapon.” Why the fleet insists on keeping probes in the same area as the torpedo bays has always defied logic. She points at a senior chief in operations and tactical orange, “Senior Chief are you certified to remove the housing?”

As a response all the enlisted start getting moving and within a few minutes the housing is open and everything is removed as needed so the probe can be modified to handle a phaser rifle. Tova keeps giving instructions without actually doing anything physically herself until the first weaponized probe is completed, only several more to make. It was then that Tova realized that there were modifications made to the old platform leading to two rifles fitting in instead of one, “You guys made some changes here, but how are you going to handle the additional weakness of the housing so that we don't lose the probe?” That was the only issue the captain had with the original plan anyway and now the housing is even weaker.

Petty Officer Bondi an Australian weapons tech moves to attention before starting to speak, “Sir, we are going to be reinforcing the casing with a few thin layers of Ablative Armor plating, because the housing is secure but the plating will let it get hit by beam weapons without being destroyed. Moreover in our alteration we included keeping the probe manual controls so when the phasers stop working we can use it as a torpedo and slam something.”

Tova nods, “Nice changes now we only need a few more of these.” Tova puts on a tough exterior and ands more gruff to her voice, “There is a but though, each and every one of you would be guilty of treating me differently than you would any other officer. Why?”

Senior Chief Mandino a Weapons Specialist assigned to the Tactical department glances at her, “We were informed by COB Hudson that you and the Captain are both Mustangs, you both understand what it's like to work enlisted and as such we know that you can do things that the normal officers don't understand.”

Tova nods and turns to Chief Petty Officer Hassouneh, an Adversary Weapons Specialist in Intelligence who has sort of become Tova’s Yeoman, “Lauren remind me to speak with the COB when I get a chance.”

Ensign Tova
Second Officer/Chief Intelligence Officer/Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Archer


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