Caressing a lady's heart

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2017 @ 1:06pm by Lieutenant Francis (Franc) Manning

Location: Engineering


Manning eased himself out of the chair and strolled over to the Warp Core, here was the true heartbeat of the ship; where all the life stems from. Like a human body the heart pumps life out to the organs and limbs; the brain controls the process but without the heart giving it life the brain is just dead matter, same with the computer and power. He went to the clear panel and placed a hand to it; the warmth from the pulsating energy running through it; warmth as energy is a type of heat exchange; phasers were a type of heat exchange as well. Why else would the Medical profession call them 'Electrical Burns' as it is heat. When a battery is charging it feels warm as it is a heat exchange.

The human body feels warm to the touch; blood pulsating through it as power through a vessel; the ship did not have the cold of metal here; no, it was warmth of energy. The healthy body and heart go a long way to achieving goals; giving the resources to attain those goals. Touching the heart of a lady can be a twin edged sword Manning had found out; it could warm or burn you. He had found out too well how that lady's heart can do damage, leaving a man broken battered and near surrender. He also knew that the warmth of a lady's touch could lift the spirits, attain new levels and make a man warm as well when he felt cold and alone.

Here was a woman he would not let leave him, she is under his care and he respected his care of her meant the lives of those around him could thrive and achieve. He looked into the flashing; the swirling of lights and sounds that were in a small way like the creation of the universe. The energy it would have taken for the scientific 'Big Bang Theory' is beyond human calculating if the Scientists were right. It was adapting science that made Engineers a needed commodity, they discover new power sources and the Engineers harness that for the betterment of the Federation and her allies.

Human history has put the Lady on a higher level; mostly because men keep the records in historical senses of the word and put traditions into place that future generations until Manning's time. So star ships were named and referred to as ladies, another thing that male influence passed from generation to generation. While Manning saw the heart as a lady; it was 'His' personal viewpoint, he had to admit that because women were special to him the heart of the ship was also special to him so put under the same category.

"I'll be around Meggie." He gave the panel a soft caress and pat.

Nove Heron, the Deputy Engineer cocked her head slightly.

"Is everything okay sir?" Heron asked.

"Everything is perfect." Manning said. "The power levels are at optimum working levels; the pulse rate through the power grid is well withing the 0.005 regulations and specifacations of the design. I am quite satisfied that with the pings from the Dilithium matrix are going the the prescribed firing order within .03 milliseconds. The Engines are well within the green according to the console check and I would say that we should be able to keep to the scheduled breaks and maintinace." He shrugged. "Why is there a problem that did not show up on the diagnostic board?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No Sir..." She did not know how to ask. "I-I just wondered what you were looking at for so long."

"Have you ever watched the pulsing of the core?" He brought the question. "In the past centuries with internal combustion it was said a good mechanic could listen to an engine and tell if it was in time. With our modern power sources it is sounds and lights, if you watch long enough or get the timing in your mind right you can check if the lights and sounds are in proper accord and when they are it is a soothing song that can relax like nothing else." He nod. "Now if you will excuse me I should check the Warp timing."

"Yes Sir." Heron replied reluctantly before glancing to the Warp Core and actually wondered if the man really did count the pulses of sound and light. "No..." She said when the Chief was out of ear shot. "What am I thinking?" She shook her ead and decided to take a tea break, she needed to sooth her own mind after talking to the chief."


Lt. Francis Manning
Chief Engineer